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I was a patient at Oregon City Medical. Nearly very time I went there I saw a new person because the doctors (nurse practitioners actually) kept quitting.

When I asked to try to be kept with the same doctor and to not have my medication changed with each new doctor I was told by the clinic owner, Danielle Blackwell, that if I wasn't happy with the clinic I should "just go somewhere else". The clinic (especially Danielle) has a reputation for giving pain meds to anyone and everyone. The front office staff are not professional, I had to wait at least 30 minutes for each appointment and the clinic is a dump.

I don't like going to a new doctor so I stayed too long at Oregon City Medical. I did change to a new clinic and am really glad I did.

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I too have had terrible time and stayed to long for the same reason as previous comment. It goes a bit further with my expirence.

The way they made me feel was that my health was just not important to them. Completely no customer service and professionalism is the poorest I have ever seem.

Please don't take this lightly if you are unhappy contact your insurance and tell them. Your health is too important.

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